Warren is a BBC comedy series with Martin Clunes starring as Warren, a cantankerous driving instructor finding himself in difficult situations due to his difficult personality.

My role as ADR Assistant for George at 80 Hertz for the upcoming episodes, 5 and 6, comprised of spotting cues within Pro Tools for the talent, Lisa Millet, starring as the character Anne, ensuring that each were named and ready to be imported into EdiPrompt. This of course meant, as with many Post-oriented workflows, that there was no room for any spelling or formatting errors, otherwise EdiPrompt would not accept the cues.

I do not have a copy of EdiPrompt myself, so to ensure that no errors would arise on the receiving end, I grabbed a copy of EdiMarker and exported the cues in Pro Tools as text. Luckily no errors!

As the episodes have not been released yet, I cannot disclose any specific information that may leak programme content.

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