Tesco Food Love Stories

Multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer, Tesco, brings Food Love Stories. Food Love Stories is a series of advertisements showcasing the latest products supplied by Tesco, with voiceover by Sarah Millican.

The VO sessions with Sarah began towards the end of November 2018 at 80 Hertz, with George Atkins as the main engineer. My role during these sessions was to organise and arrange the printed scripts for George and I, the directors, and of course, the talent (Sarah). Alongside this, I was running for George, ensuring the clients' and talent's needs were met. During these sessions, members from Tesco were listening in via Source-Connect to help with the direction of Sarah's performance.

Following the first session when recordings were ready for delivery, I was asked to edit some of the captured VO (1 of which includes the VO in the video below), organising all of the audio files and creating a final delivery package to send to Tesco.

The capture was handled by a Neumann U87 going to an AMEK 9098 preamp. Fortunately, Sarah seemed very adept with VO recording and stayed relatively still and on-mic throughout the recording sessions.

Due to the maintenance of confidentiality, I cannot show any of the pre-production asset notes associated with these recordings, however you can find the finished advertisement below.

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