Sound Design for a Game Level: Updates #1

November 1, 2017

This is the first of several blog posts that I'm going to (try) to keep relatively brief, as I suppose you could say that I'm in the thick of working on this assignment.


I've primarily been editing previous recordings down to individual to individual clips/one-shots. Today, this has consisted of the gold pickup sounds that I've recorded to add more sonic variation to the interactive gold objects in the game. As there were well over 20 (usable) samples from the recording to choose from, I didn't spend time adding any character to the samples by adding any pitch or harmonic variant. I simply used EQ to notch out any harsh frequencies, and normalisation to bring each sample to a normalised peak loudness of -0.1dBFS. This was of course rendered with fade ins/outs in place. Below is an image of one of the samples that I've added to the gold pick-up libraries.



I also worked on the various rubble sounds that will be attached to the falling dust emitters. The original recordings consisted of small rocks rolling around in my hands. Initially, the recording was planned for another element within the game, however one of the samples caught my attention, so I decided to use this as one of the rubble samples. Unfortunately, the sample that caught my attention initially was the only one that was appropriate for the sound of rubble falling. So I duplicated the clip several times and added slight variations in pitch and harmonic content. I also added a reverb insert to add some distance to the samples, softening the transients somewhat.


I tried to add a more 'gritty' texture underneath; something that sounded more like sand/dust alongside the rocks. To add this texture quickly to test the thought, I rendered some white noise on a separate track, shaped the frequency content accordingly and added a gate. I then created a bus send from the rubble track that the white noise gate would get sidechained to, which would add dynamics to the previously static white noise. Despite my attempts, I didn't manage to achieve a sound to a standard that I was happy with, so I ended up deleting that track and now have plans to record some sand or grit to implement alongside the rocks; unless I come across an appropriate pre-recorded sample! Below is an image of a few of the samples.





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