Sound Design for a Game Level: Gathering Sound Assets (Samples)

October 23, 2017

After completing a portion of my asset list spreadsheet, I have began gathering samples that I plan on using within the game. Admittedly, the creation and collection began alongside the building of my asset list as I was eager to start the practical side of the assignment with a lot of the asset list pre-stored in my head.


I initially went through some of the sample libraries that the university owns licenses to. I felt that this would provide me with a strong foundation and frame to build upon/around. This also highlighted some gaps that I planned on recording that were not featured within the sample libraries I indexed.


I dabbled in the thought of adding footsteps to Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) within the game, although I've decided not to due to the potential volume of footsteps that could potentially overwhelm the game sonically. So I swiftly moved over to my first game recording session where I captured drafts between small gaps between doors for eerie wind sounds, different clicks and mechanisms within old cassette recorders and the shrieking shrill of cymbals.


Being a keen noise-maker with synthesisers, I am also creating sounds using different forms of synthesis, such as Frequency Modulation (FM), Ring Modulation (RM) and Granular. This is made from synthesised waveforms, such as sawtooth and sine waves, as well as the samples I have recorded and gathered so far. Whether I will end up implementing all of these sounds or not, it's definitely satisfying to return to my initial interests when I ventured into audio engineering 6 years ago.


It seems as though I may be creating a more hyper-realistic soundscape, which contradicts what I said for the most part in my previous blog.

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