Beginning Sound Design for a Game Level: Asset List

October 23, 2017

This is the first post within this section of my blog. This, for the most part, will be from an academic perspective where I will be writing relatively brief progress reports on my Digital Tools & Workflow 2 module in university.


The first blog in this series will be talking about the planning or pre-production involved with creating the sound content within an interactive tower defence game. The game is taken from the Unreal Engine sample projects, titled "Strategy Game". The module tutor provided us with an audio-stripped project for us to implement our own sounds.


In one of our first lectures in the module, we were taught about asset lists and how they are beneficial to sound designers in the game audio industry. An asset list, as nicely put by our lecturer, is essentially a shopping list for sound designers, entailing the sounds they may need to collect to later implement within the game.


Coming primarily from a music-focused position in audio engineering, I approached the asset list as I would with studio tracking sheets, only with a slightly modified purpose. Luckily my experience with MS Excel and IT aided in the creation of my asset list outline, with of course some unnecessary UI features.


I then played the game, in silence, taking note of what sounds I thought would immerse the player whilst playing the game. Initially, I had trouble deciding as to what sonic characteristics I wanted to feed back from the game, whether this be an accurate representation of what the player would see, or a hyper-realistic experience when playing. I decided, as with most projects, to go for accuracy with suggestions to a hyper-realism.


Below you can find an image of the Ambience page found in my asset list. As you can see, I've already started working on the content within the sheet. This will be updated as I go progress, including the other sheets within the spreadsheet.





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