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EdiPrompt Alternative – Pt.01

I was first introduced to the world of EdiCue / EdiPrompt for VO and ADR use at 80 Hertz.

Other than everything else about it being a delight to work with, I loved the quick batch renaming and ability to jump to memory locations in a flash depending on what cue number you had clicked on.

So I started working on that part of it for myself as a good project to drone through a part of isolation and bleed into the return to work.

Of course, AppleScript and Keyboard Maestro (KM) will be used for this. The end goal is to have x amount of cue numbers (defined by the user) that are each linked to a button on a dialog(ue) box. When the user clicks a button, it'll jump to that timecode and rename the appropriate record track(s).

It'll also feature character/actor name prompts so you can start from scratch with just a Pro Tools template, all conforming to the recognised naming conventions laid out by EdiCue's user guide.

There will be more features I'm sure, but the baseline goal is to have the filename of each take match the situation/cue/take.

I have done quite a bit of hair pulling already, but I thought I'd start with what I've been up to today, which has mainly been working out how I can create an amount of variables depending on what the user initially enters for the "How many cues" prompt.

(Scroll down beyond the monologue for this part of the script.)

Initially I thought it'd be best to just incorporate the heavy lifting with a repeat after I had prompted the user for the number of cues and set the number of repeats to the number they had entered.

Within the repeat I could then just add a counter that adds 1 at the start of each repeat (for every new cue).

The tricky part was figuring out how I can create variables to store the cue information for every cue. I came across some interesting uses of matrices/arrays/indexes/lists that may be a lot neater compared to my current solution, but this will do for now.

These variables will have to be deleted afterwards too, which shouldn't be too tricky. If KM brings out variable folders then we'll be cooking with gas as, a) it'll just be a lot neater, and b) I can be lazy and scrap deleting them and just throw a quick if statement at it, "if this variable exists then change its value to this, else make the variable with this value". (I've sent them some feedback based on this.)

I went to make coffee, put a wash on and now I've forgotten what I was going to say and have lost interest in writing. Here's the script from this section so far:

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