Now... Sleep

Now... Sleep is a visual-novel thriller inspired by Twin Peaks and Virtues Last Reward, written and designed by Samuel Bryant. You can find the game and further information about Now... Sleep here.

Originally, Samuel came to me asking if I could write the main theme music to the game, providing me with quite a few musical references that he felt would be best suited to the atmosphere and mood of the game. I told him I would be happy to, but I have a friend, Sebastian Pierredal, in Sweden who I have worked with before and is a very proficient guitarist and composer. Fortunately my friend was able to fit this project into his busy schedule. You can follow Sebastian on his musical escapades here

The agreement was that I would take the information Samuel provided me with and direct Sebastian along the right path, with Sebastian finally sending me multitrack stems to later mix. It only took 1 conversation with Sebastian before he was able to send me something that Samuel described as being perfect; definitely a treat to have talent relations almost becoming sentient and functioning with minimal direction, something I've always enjoyed about working with Sebastian.

Being in Sweden, I had to direct Sebastian on the recording side of things, ensuring that the capture was as good as it could be. I did have to import some of the audio files into iZotope's RX to remove some noise before mixing, but otherwise it was a very effortless project that I could sit down with and enjoy.

The main focus when it came to mixing, was just to accentuate the dynamics Sebastian had performed where appropriate, alongside any corrective EQ and adding some lush-sounding spaces.

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