Bloodstock Open Air Festival – 2018

My role as stage recordist for the Hobgoblin New Stage (Stage 3) at Bloodstock 2018 was certainly an enjoyable one. Over the 3 days of recording, a total of 39 bands performed and contributed to the field of noise.

Alongside 3 other colleagues, who were dealing with the other 2 stages, all working with Bound Films, we were there for a total of 4 days.

The first day was a day of setting up and testing, primarily supporting my colleagues on the first and second stage, running multicores underneath and between the stage trussing, avoiding forklifts and carrying flight cases.

The following days were spent with a laptop connected to a Behringer X32 that provided me with a multitrack split before being routed to front of house. With everything prepared for on the first day, the main focus throughout was just ensuring the system was operating smoothly, with each band's session recorded with the appropriate information ready for backups and delivery at the end of each day.


As with any live production, there was a few hiccups along the way, luckily nothing from the engineers side. 1 of the bands had came all the way from Poland to play, however they had forgotten to bring power adapters for UK mains, and we only had 3 that weren't being used; they needed over 5. If I remember correctly, 3 were for pedal board power supplies, 2 were for triggers, plus a few additional ones for IEMs and amps. Despite not having half of their usual rig running, the band put on a show that the audience seemed to enjoy, so well done to them.

Below you can find a link to one of the 30 minute performances by Barbarian Hermit from Stage 3. This is a mix I have done using the multitracks captured. (Note: This content is for educational purposes only, with no monetary gain, and will be removed upon request by the artist.)


Additionally, you can find some of the other bands' sets on Bloodstock's YouTube page, here. (The audio used in the videos for Stage 3 was a LR feed taken from FOH, which I had no association with.)

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