In relation to my first post with AppleScript (AS) and all other dichotomised emotions associated, I asked some friends/colleagues/probable sentients to give me some parts of their workflow that could potentially be automated.

(If some workflows are held a bit too close to heart by the individual, I'll respect their privacy and just highlight some interesting points associated with that project.)

First task is creating a FFOA (First Frame Of Action), LFOA (Last FOA) and Bounce selection range (of entire video) at the start of the session after the video/audio guide track has been imported and spotted.

Skipping forward: we're on "proto_02" now; first one I sent across had one line missing which meant it worked 80% of the time, but went on an early break for the remaining 20.

After fixing that object reference, I'm now optimising the script a bit as previously it just automated a wad of keystrokes, which leaves a bit too much room for error (maybe – I'm no expert). Previously looking like this throughout:

I'm now putting my week old knowledge of AS to use, by directly calling/pressing the text field associated with the Main Counter of the Edit Window.

The names of the objects/groups/windows can also be called by index number (e.g. "Main Counter" = text field 1; "Counter Display Cluster" = group 4).

At some point I may change the timecode to a user definable variable, but I'll wait for that to be requested as they only asked for 01:00:00:00.

This carries on for other objects, such as entering FFOA in the New Memory Location window.

Interestingly, the "Name:" text field is 'text field 2', with 'text field 1' being the "Comments" text field.

Fortunately, Pro Tools is quite friendly when you probe it for information, and it responds quite predictably. Also if one way fails, there's usually 3 others to try out.

For example, rather than accessing the Main Counter in the Edit Window, I could call up the Big Counter window and change the timecode from there, removing the worry of windows loading up in a different order or of course, meaning "window 1" would reference 'something'.

I might just do that now and try to avoid 'proto_03'.

Actually, turns out the floating window for the Big Counter doesn't have a window title, so I can't reliably call "Big Counter"; it'll either be cmd+Numpad 3 or accessing 'Window > Big Counter'.

Back to square one; might as well just stick with the original shortcut version with the initial issue fixed...

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