Updated: Jun 28

So any rational person will eventually find themselves with at least 2 monitors in their studio. I don't, but that's not worth talking about. Another friend however, does. (I'll refer to friends/colleagues/probable sentients to an equivalent of John/Jane Doe – Dave/Davina.)

Dave asked if I can write something that moves the Mix Window over to monitor 2. I thought this would just be a case of "set the bounds of (first window whose name contains "Mix") to {a, b, c, d} – Nope! In my last post when I said Pro Tools is quite friendly; I spoke to soon. Seems I can't just set the bounds like I can with any other application.

Now I've spent the better part of an hour trying to set its UI actions "AXPosition" and "AXSize" to the correct dimensions. Big frowns all 'round. My 8-day-understanding is rearing its baby face.

Turns out I was overcomplicating it with a lack of knowledge. After a snappy Google search (of all things) of "applescript axsize", the first result gave me the answers I need: https://forum.latenightsw.com/t/axposition-and-axsize/341/2

I just needed to go for:

set position to {x, y}

set size to {x, y}

So this is where we're at so far:

So simple it's painful, but a good lesson for a Saturday nonetheless. I just need to plumb Dave's monitor dimensions in and call it square.

UPDATE: Dave's secondary monitor is to the left of his primary monitor. I thought that wouldn't matter, but was thankfully proven wrong. The window to be moved had to be changed from the Mix Window to the Edit Window, and then the Edit Window had to be moved to the negative x coordinate of his screen resolution (as suggested and proven by Dave himself).

Another good lesson; primary monitors start at 0,0, regardless of where they're positioned – makes sense I guess.

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