Azure Standard Healthy Living Podcasts

The Azure Standard Healthy Living Podcasts feature an array of different topics, ranging from organic foods and nutrition, to company-related information told directly by the CEO, David Stelzer.

When I was first asked if I would edit and mix the podcast series, I instantly said yes, as at the time it was a great opportunity for me to enjoy some relatively quiet editing time whilst also putting some time into speeding up my editing in Pro Tools. I also learned some interesting history about ancient grains, as well as different business and marketing strategies.

I initially directed the host of the Healthy Living podcasts the best way to record the interviews with David, as they normally took place in the old server room on their farm in Oregon, US, which got somewhat noisy at times. When I received the podcast audio files, they did require some attention with iZotope's RX to reduce some of the noise before doing some minor noise gating in Pro Tools. It took a few gentle passes of noise reduction in RX as to not exacerbate any preliminary issues.

I eventually visited the farm where they record their podcasts whilst on a personal trip to the US and met David. It's definitely one of the most peaceful recording locations I've been to, with some great mountains in the distance.

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