Tavish Cross is a Manchester based recording and mixing engineer currently finishing a degree in Audio Engineering and Production at Futureworks Media University.


Tavish works with musicians from a diverse range of genres, including: Acoustic, Electronic, Punk, Hip Hop, Metal, and has experience with voiceover and ADR work for television and radio. He is currently developing experience recording and producing for clients throughout the UK, in Europe and the USA.


He has a well-calibrated ear for the sonic nuances in music and sound and a perceptive, sensitive, and flexible attitude to working in diverse recording scenarios, both live and in the studio. He works closely with the individual artist to create a sound that accurately reflects that of the artist’s recording and develops that into a quality production for the final production stages and listeners.


Tavish is a detail-oriented, reliable and innovative engineer and working with both digital and analogue recording and production techniques, in which he is continuously developing.




Bound Films

"Tavish worked with us at Bloodstock Festival 2018, dealing with the multitrack capture for 39 bands on one of the 3 stages. All of the recordings were accurate and error-free, conforming to our requirements, with the delivery following the same organisation and accuracy."

Azure Standard

"Tavish recently helped us produce our first podcast and we are very happy with it. He continues to add his expertise as we develop our ongoing podcast series. He is fast, flexible, and accurate and was able to add a professional quality to even imperfect audio recordings, and overall has made the podcast sound fantastic."

sam kok_edited.jpg

Samantha Kok

"Working with Tavish is always a pleasure - he is patient, professional and produces high-quality work. A talented sound engineer I would definitely recommend!"

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